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I had the Worst Experience Ever at a local Rochester Veterinary Clinic,, Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Service.i had taken my pet for emergency care after he had swallowed a string.

Simple fix I thought, not quite. After nearly 3 hours in the waiting room, they asked me if they should give fluids; I was surprised. Here was a cat that was diagnosed as dehydrated and anorexic, due to the condition he was in after swallowing the string. He had needed fluids immediately, thus the emergency care.

They took him in the back, away from me, and I waited. After 3+ hours, Dr. Jen Grossman came to meet me. Long story short, she said that she would cut the string to end his suffering and we would go home to seek care in the morning.

After arriving home, after paying the bill, I could see that Wallie's suffering was worse. The string had NOT been cut. He was dying, suffering,.

There was No apology from this clinic.They took my money and sent us a on trip to meet the Reaper.

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